Moved to Tempe for grad school. Music was more fun.

These 17 tracks represent a cross section of Beulah Purple's music, the best (I think) recordings from all over the place starting in the late 90s. I wrote them with a mood in mind and really love to hear them together back-to-back album-style. In high school my favorite bands made albums that were meant to be listened to in the same way. All at once. Laying down in the dark if possible, letting it soak in.

I used primitive tech: Alexis ADAT back in the day, and about half of these recordings were made sitting on the floor in my apartment on Beck Ave with it. I eventually upgraded to Cakewalk, quality went up. I've been trying to improve my setup ever sense. Now I use Reaper on a PC. I love my Steinberger bass, Fender Mexican Strat and Martin Acoustic.

So yeah, I hope you like the songs I chose. Write me! @